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Remarks by Ambassador Lu Shaye At the Reception Marking his Assumption of Office

Honourable Pamela Goldsmith-Jones, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of International Trade,

Distinguished guests,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Good evening! My wife and I are delighted to welcome you to attend this reception marking my assumption of office.

I am more than honoured to be appointed as the Chinese Ambassador to Canada. Although this is the first time for me and my wife to come to Canada, this country is not unknown to us. In China, Canada’s beautiful maple leaves, magnificent Niagara Falls, delicious lobsters and tasty icewine have been enjoying good reputation far and wide. After arrived in Canada, we are impressed by the Canadian people’s hospitality, kindness, openness and inclusiveness. We are also encouraged by Canadians from all walks of life who cherish hot expectations and wonderful visions towards Sino-Canadian relationship. I would like, on behalf of my wife and myself, to express our gratitude to the Canadian government for its active and considerate arrangements for my assumption of office.

Last September, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau paid successful visits to each other and reached important consensus on bilateral cooperation across the board, ushering China-Canada relations into a new Golden Era. My appointment as the Chinese Ambassador to Canada definitely coincides with the time. I am truly honoured and keenly aware of the heavy and lofty responsibility I bear.

From the perspective of the bilateral relations, properly implementing the outcomes of the mutual visits by Premier Li and Prime Minister Trudeau will further consolidate China-Canada Strategic Partnership, and comprehensively deepen our two countries’ complementary and mutually beneficial cooperation. This is my first task in the near future. From the global perspective, faced with the rising waves of anti-globalization and trade protectionism, China and Canada are sharing more and more common interests in safeguarding the current international trade system and promoting global stability and prosperity. The world needs China and Canada, two major Asia-Pacific countries, to play the leading role. This is a new and higher requirement for my duty.

I will further enhance bilateral political mutual trust, maintaining the momentum of high-level interactions, ensuring the success of the annual dialogues between Chinese Premier and Canadian Prime Minister as well as between the two Foreign Ministers this year, and making full and good use of over 40 dialogue and consultation mechanisms in various fields between our two countries to step up trust, dissipate doubts and facilitate cooperation.

I will further deepen bilateral practical cooperation, pushing for progress of the exploratory discussions for China-Canada FTA, promoting two-way trade and investment, and ensuring doubling bilateral trade by 2025 in comparison with 2015.

I will further strengthen bilateral cultural and people-to-people exchanges, making good preparation for and ensuring the success of the 2018 China-Canada Year of Tourism, attracting more tourists to each other, and pursuing the realization of the goal of doubling the number of two-way visits by 2025 based on 2015 statistics. I will seize the opportunity of China holding 2022 Winter Olympic Games, and enlarge the bilateral cooperation in the fields of competitive winter sports and sports industry. I will make frequent trips to various places across Canada, pushing forward Sino-Canadian non-governmental and subnational exchanges and cooperation. I am ready to engage with Canadian people from all walks of life, introducing China and publicizing Sino-Canadian relationship to the Canadians.

I will do my best to enhance trust, dissipate misunderstandings, and eliminate obstacles in favour of the smooth development of Sino-Canadian relationship. At present, there are two major controversial issues plaguing the Canadian people. One is the negotiation on China-Canada FTA and the other is the negotiation on China-Canada Extradition Treaty. I am ready to elaborate on China’s positions and hear Canada’s views on these two issues through direct engagement with media and public.

I will ensure better service for Chinese residents in Canada. It is an important duty of the Chinese Embassy in Canada to provide consular protection and service to them. I hope that I could, by fulfilling this mission, further strengthen the sentimental bond of the overseas Chinese in Canada towards their motherland, help them better fit in with the local society and make them further contribute to the friendship and cooperation between our two countries.

Finally, may I propose a toast, to the prosperity of China and Canada, to the happiness and peace of our two peoples, to our friendship forever, and to the health of everyone here present, Cheers!

Thank you!

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