About Chinese Tourists' Traffic Accident in Ontario, Canada

A bus crashed on Highway 401 in eastern Ontario, Canada, on the afternoon of June 4th, causing one dead, and more than 20 injured of which 4 serious. This is a Chinese tourist group entering Canada from the United States. Except for the driver and the tour guide, the other 34 tourists and one tour leader are all Chinese citizens. The injured were sent to several nearby hospitals for treatment.

After the accident, the Chinese Embassy in Canada and the Chinese Consulate General in Toronto immediately contacted the Canadian side to verify the identity of these tourists. Officials from Chinese Embassy have been to several hospitals to visit the injured persons, learn about the injuries, and communicate with the hospital.

At the same time, the Chinese Embassy and the Consulate General have requested the Canadian side to investigate the cause of the accident as soon as possible, and requested the travel agencies involved in the accident to properly handle matters concerning the medical treatment of the tourists and the aftermath of the accident. Now the related work is in due progress.

The relevant authorities of the Canadian side rushed to the scene at the first time, spared no effort to treat the injured, and notified Chinese Embassy and the Consulate General. Some Canadian agencies and volunteers also actively provided assistance.

We are grateful to the Canadian side for the treatment and related assistance provided to the Chinese tourists.