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An Important Reminder for Passengers to China

Since the launch of the requirement for China-bound passengers to apply for a green health code on 1 December, 2020, Covid-19 cases in China brought by the above-mentioned passengers have effectively reduced. We appreciate the understanding and efforts of all the passengers. Nevertheless, a few passengers from Canada did not pay enough attention to personal protective measures after taking nucleic acid and antibody tests, thus infecting Covid-19 before arrival in China.  Therefore, the Embassy would like to advise as follows:

1. Strictly abide by personal protective regulations. Pay close attention to the latest pandemic information and related regulations of Canada. Strictly abide by the relevant regulations from the local public health authorities, and take all necessary personal protective measures. Most importantly, try to reduce unnecessary outdoor activities and avoid gatherings.

2. Try to avoid non-essential and non-urgent travel, especially long-distance or across-border travel.

3. Attach importance to personal protection when going out. If you have to go to China, please try your best to choose direct flights to China and quarantine at  home after taking nucleic acid and antibody tests; If you have to go outside after tests, please take reinforced personal preventive measures, and maintain a social distance of 2 metres from people outside of your household.  If possible, please take private transportation to airport.  If you have symptoms before boarding the flight to China, please cancel your trip and consult your doctor or local health agency.

Consular Districts and Inquiry Emails:

Chinese Embassy in Canada

Consular district: Ottawa Region, Newfoundland & Labrador, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Nunavut.

Inquiry Email: healthcheckottawa@gmail.com

Consulate General in Toronto

Consular district: Ontario and Manitoba.

Inquiry Email: covidcheckfortravel@gmail.com

Consulate General  in Vancouver

Consular district: British Columbia and Yukon Territory.

Inquiry Email: wenhsjc2020@gmail.com

Consulate General  in Calgary

Consular district: Alberta, Saskatchewan and Northwest Territories.

Inquiry Email: hs@chinaconsulatecalgary.com

Consulate General  in Montreal

Consular district: Quebec and New Brunswick.

Inquiry Email: consulate_mtl@mfa.gov.cn

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