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Press Release

President Xi Jinping announced on October 24 that the Chinese government will deliver the 4th batch of assistance to Western African countries to help them fight the Ebola epidemic.

According to relevant arrangement, the Chinese side will provide hospital beds, ambulances, motorcycles, protective equipment and other urgently-needed supplies to the three countries plagued by the epidemic, help build a treatment center equipped with about 100 beds in Liberia, the worst affected country by Ebola, and send medical staff there for its operation. We will dispatch to those three countries advisory groups consisting of public health experts, who will disseminate China's experience and help improve the prevention and control plans of those countries. Additional public health staff will also be sent for the training of local medical workers and people involved in prevention and control operations. China will donate 6 million US dollars to the UN Ebola Response Multi-Partner Trust Fund to support the efforts made by the UN Mission for Ebola Emergency Response. Meanwhile, China will initiate the China-Africa Public Health Cooperation Plan which includes organizing 12 terms of training programs on public health and epidemic prevention and control for Africa, carrying out joint research on tropical disease and helping Africa establish an information platform for public health and a monitoring network for epidemic prevention and control.

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