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Remarks by the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy Yang Yundong on La Presse's Fabricated Report about Chinese Journalists

We have noticed a few days ago La Presse reported that resident Chinese journalists in Canada once committed espionage against Canada. We are shocked by and strongly condemn such a despicable action that fabricated lies, discredited others' reputation, misled Canadian people and undermined China-Canada relations.

Resident Chinese journalists in Canada, like resident Canadian journalists in China, fulfill their duties as all ordinary journalists. In recent years, they have positively reported stories of Canada's politics, economy, society and culture, enhancing Chinese people's understanding of Canada and friendly sentiments toward Canadian people. That is why more and more Chinese people chose to visit and tour in Canada now. However, some individual Canadian media go so far as to groundlessly accuse Chinese journalists of committing espionage. People cannot help but question their real intention. We trust that Canadian people will not be deceived by such lies, and the two countries' governments will not stop pushing forward the development of friendly bilateral cooperation by hearing such noises. Those who attempt to undermine China-Canada relations through making fake news are doomed to fail.

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