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Response to the so called "China's organ harvesting report"

In order to extricate itself from an awkward position after its lie about "Sujiatun Concerntration Camp" has been laid bare, Falun Gong has shifted to attack human organ transplant in China, claiming that the organs of Falun Gong practitioners have been harvested. It is obvious that their purpose is to smear China's image.

With respect to the human organ transplants, China has consistently abided by the relevant guiding principles of the World Health Organization endorsed in 1991, prohibiting the sale of human organs and stipulating that donors' written consent must be obtained beforehand and donors are entitled to refuse the donation at last minute. China has issued a regulation on human organ transplants, explicitly banning the sale of organs and introducing a set of medical standards for organ transplants in an effort to guarantee medical safety and the health of patients. The regulation requires medical institution which is qualified for practicing human organ transplant to register at provincial level health department. Unregistered medical institutions are forbidden to practice human organ transplant. If the government finds any registered institution violating the regulation, it will cancel the registration and punish the people responsible. It is very clear that Falun Gong's rumor has ulterior political motives.

Therefore, the so-called "independent investigation report" made by a few Canadians based on rumors and false allegations is groundless and biased. We do believe that lies are always lame, and will never become the truth even if being repeated 1000 times. We hope that the Canadian people will not be deceived by the disguise of the Falun Gong, and more people will be aware of the nature of "Falun Gong" as an evil cult.

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