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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on the Demonstration by Some "Pro-Independence" Tibetans


Q: What's your comment on the demonstration by some Tibetans outside the Chinese Embassy on March 10 ?

A: I would like to reiterate the position of the Chinese Government on Tibet. Tibet has been an inseparable part of China since ancient times, a fact universally recognized by the international community. A white paper titled "Fifty Years of Democratic Reform in Tibet", released recently by the Chinese Government, offers a comprehensive coverage of Tibet's past and present, especially its democratic reform. It can be easily found in the paper that Tibet has ushered in a new era with its people becoming their own masters from a society, darker than medieval times in Europe, of feudal serfdom under theocratic rule. Tibet has undergone earth-shaking historic changes since the Democratic Reform. It is now the common aspiration of all ethic groups in Tibet to maintain national unification, ethic solidarity, and social harmony. These are the facts that cannot be changed by any pressure from the outside.

Over the past five decades, the Dalai Lama and his followers have been trying to distort the history, provoke ethnic conflicts and undermine social stability in pursuit of "Tibet Independence". And in March last year, Dalai and his followers plotted and instigated the incidents involving beating, smashing up properties, looting and arson in the city of Lhasa and other Tibetan-inhabited areas. The violence caused heavy losses of life and property and severely disrupted public order. It has aroused strong indignation of the majority of the Tibetan people and other ethnic groups in China and drawn international condemnation. This incident serves as another testimony of the hypocrisy of the non-violence propaganda Dalai has been selling around the world.

The Chinese Government unswervingly upholds state sovereignty and territorial integrity. It stands firm in building a stable Tibet that is developing in all areas, and ensuring the safety of life and property of all ethic groups there. This position of the Chinese Government has won wide understanding and support by countries and peoples upholding justice around the world.

The development and progress of Tibet is irreversible. Any attempt to split China is definitely to be opposed by the Chinese people of all ethnicities including the Tibetan compatriots.

It is an international obligation of any government to protect the safety and dignity of diplomatic corps and personnel from foreign countries on its territory. We have requested the Canadian side to ensure the safety and dignity of Chinese diplomatic and consular missions and personnel according to the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations and Vienna Convention on Consular Relations.  And the Canadian side has committed that it would step up the security measures to protect China's diplomatic and consular premises and personnel.



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