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Embassy Spokesperson's Remarks on A-strain Influenza Related Issues

On China's ban on pig and pork imports from Canada's Alberta province


As confronted by the fierce A-strain influenza, the Chinese government is obliged to take temporary precaution measures to safeguard its stock industry and human health. China's temporary bans on the imports of pigs and pork products from some regions hit by the A-strain influenza are in line with the rules of the World Trade Organizations (WTO), also in accordance with the rules of the World Organization for Animal Health. These measures meet the requirements of Chinese laws and regulations, as well as the principle of minimizing the strict quarantine measures' influence on trade. The measures are non-discriminative. China has also banned imports of pigs from the affected regions in the United States and Mexico.


On the quarantine of Canadian students


The quarantine of 25 Canadian students in Changchun was in line with the law on the Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Diseases and Frontier Health and Quarantine Law of China. The students have been well treated, and the authorities have made favorable arrangements for their residence, food, health care and communication. The local government informed the Canadian embassy in China of the quarantine on May 3, and the two countries have been in close contact regarding the virus.



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