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Statement of the Chinese Embassy in Canada

On October 29, the Canadian Prime Minister and Governor-General met with the Dalai Lama respectively. This gravely violates the fundamental norms governing international relations and the position reiterated by the Canadian government on many occasions that it recognizes Tibet as an inseparable part of the Chinese territory. It is a blatant interference in China's internal affairs and has severely hurt the feelings of the Chinese people and will gravely undermine the relationship between China and Canada. The Chinese Embassy hereby expresses its strong dissatisfaction and resolute opposition to this.

Tibet is an inalienable part of the Chinese territory. The Tibet issue is the internal affair of China. China is opposed to the interference of its domestic affairs by any country or any individual using the Dalai Lama issue. The words and deeds of the Dalai Lama for the past decades have made it all the more evident that he is a political exile who has long been engaged in activities aimed at splitting China under the camouflage of religion. The Chinese people have a solid resolve to safeguard national sovereignty and territorial integrity. Any attempt to interfere in China's internal affairs by using the Dalai Lama issue is doomed to failure.

The Chinese side urges Canada to take immediate and effective measures to remove the serious impact of its erroneous act, stop supporting and conniving at the separatist activities of the Tibet independence forces, stop interfering with China's internal affairs and take concrete steps to safeguard the China-Canada relationship.

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