Ambassador Cong Peiwu Speaks with ROK Ambassador to Canada Chang Keung Ryong on the Phone

On January 11, Ambassador Cong Peiwu spoke with H.E. Chang Keung Ryong, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Canada, on the phone.

Ambassador Cong said that China and the ROK are close neighbors. In the joint battle against COVID-19 pandemic, the two countries have always been helping and rendering strong support to each other, which has provided useful experience and set a good example of cooperation in the joint fight against COVID-19 for the rest of the world. China strongly opposes the politicization of the pandemic by certain countries, and is willing to continuously deepen cooperation with the ROK on regular pandemic prevention and control and in various areas such as culture, education, science and technology, and etc.

Ambassador Chang said that COVID-19 is currently raging all over the world, and the most urgent task of the international community is to fight against the pandemic through solidarity and cooperation. The ROK and China, while jointly fighting COVID-19, actively carry out cooperation on resumption of work and production, which demonstrates the strong bond between the two countries. The ROK is willing to mainstain close contact with the Chinese side to continuously advance the ROK-China relations.