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Ambassador Lu Shaye Attends and Watches the Drama Café Daughter

On the evening of June 16, Ambassador Lu Shaye and his wife attended on invitation the reception before the performance of the Drama Café Daughter at Canada's National Arts Centre, and watched the show with more than 300 guests, including Canadian Senator Lillian Dyck, the drama prototype, other federal officials, aboriginal elders and guests from all sectors.

Ambassador Lu delivers a speech

Ambassador Lu, in his address to the reception, spoke highly of Ms. Dyck's efforts, appreciated Canada's commitment to national inclusiveness and diversity, and emphasized the importance of maintaining cultural diversity of a country and of the world. Meanwhile, he noted that only when countries with different cultures, races, colors, religions and social systems develop freely and coexist harmoniously, can the whole world keep long-lasting peace and universal prosperity. In her speech, Senator Dyck expressed her gratitude to Ambassador Lu for his presence and to the artists for their performance adapted from her personal experience. She expressed that the multicultural society in Canada didn't come easy, and hoped everyone could take the utmost care to maintain it.

Senator Dyck delivers a speech in the Senate

Senator Dyck's father is from China while her mother is the aborigine from Saskatchewan of Canada. The Drama Café Daughter tells the story of her growth and struggle in her teens under the social background of racial discrimination.

Minister-Counselor (Culture) of the Embassy, Zhao Haisheng, accompanied Ambassador Lu and attended the activities.

Ambassador Lu talks with the senior from local ethnic minority

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