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Chinese Defence Attaché Senior Colonel Zhu Haitao Participates in Arctic Operation Organized by CAF

From June 5 to 10, the Directorate Foreign Liaison of the Canadian National Defence Headquarters organized the Ottawa Service Attachés Association (OSAA) to visit the Arctic region. Senior Colonel Zhu Haitao, Chinese Defence Attaché, and Wang Haifeng, Lieutenant Colonel participated in the operation. The OSAA visited the headquarters of Northern Joint Task Force, a base located in the city of Yellowknife, the capital of the Northwest Territories, Canada, and also visited the Arctic region training center of the Canadian Armed Forces (CAF) located in Resolute Bay, the most northern settlement in Canada, during which they learnt about the military training in the Arctic region on-site, and had an in-depth communication with the Inuit tribe in Resolute Bay. In the city of Iqaluit, the capital of Nunavut Territories, the OSAA had friendly communications with the military and political leaders such as Lieutenant-governor of Nunavut Territories and others.

During the visit in Resolute Bay, under the assistance of the CAF, Senior Colonel Zhu Haitao completed an Arctic marathon of 42.2 kilometers during rest time at night, and received vast compliment from the CAF and the OSAA.


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