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Embassy in Canada Holds "Consular Protection on Campus" Lectures for New Overseas Students

On September 9th, 16th and 17th, staff of the Embassy in Canada and the Education Office held 4 lectures for Chinese overseas students concerning “Consular Protection on Campus” in the University of Ottawa, Algonquin College, and Carleton University on weekends to strengthen their awareness of safety and prevention and improve their self-protection ability. Over 500 Chinese students enrolling in 2017 autumn attended the lectures.


With actual cases, the lecturers interpreted how to get consular protection information, deal with pressure, avoid losing contact, prevent exit and entry restriction and phone frauds, and obey academic regulations as well as pay attention to traffic, travel and dating security. It is hoped that Chinese students proactively learn and consciously abide by the country’s laws and regulations during their stay in Canada so as to be safe, law-abiding, healthy and successful while studying abroad. The lectures also included a prize contest on consular protection knowledge. The students actively participated in the activity, saying that the lectures were timely and practical.


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