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A letter from Chinese embassy to The Globe and Mail

Recently, Chinese Embassy in Canada wrote a letter to The Globe and Mail, expressing its solemn stance and concerns over the paper’s article “China’s shadow looms over the West” on November, 23. The letter is as the following:

The authors believe that China’s rising power is threatening the sovereignty of Western political systems. In fact, foreign policy of any country aims at expanding the national interests and promoting the national image. Canada is no exception, and the advancing of its own values has always been the core of Canadian foreign policy. Why China can not do that? The authors worry that the spreading of influence of China would undermine the sovereignty and the political system of Western countries. We are wondering if the authors turned the truth on its head? Isn’t that what Western countries often did to developing countries in the past?

The article takes more than one million overseas Chinese as Canada’s security threats. Such view is very dangerous and suspected of racial discrimination. If similar arguments could be allowed to spread, a wave of Chinese exclusion would be triggered in Canadian society, as people have experienced 100 years ago, and Canada’s society would be torn, and its cultural diversity would be damaged.

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