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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on USMCA Section 32.10

The spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy Yang Yundong has made the following comment on the questions of Canadian media about USMCA Section 32.10:

China firmly supports the multilateral trading system with the World Trade Organization(WTO) at its core and props up an open world economy. We oppose to fabricating the concepts of “market country” and “non-market country” outside the framework of WTO, which in essence is the excuse made by some countries to shirk their obligations and refuse to meet their international commitments. This is a dishonest behavior. We deplore the hegemonic actions taken by some country, which blatantly interferes with other country’s sovereignty. We also feel sad for the harm of economic autonomy inflicted on the relevant country. No matter how other countries adopt trade restricting actions against China, China will consistently pursue opening-up at its own pace and continuously carry out mutually beneficial and win-win economic and trade cooperation with countries worldwide treating it in an equal-footed and friendly way.

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