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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on Some Media's Hyping up the Tibet and Xinjiang Related Issues

We have noticed what happened recently at the University of Toronto and McMaster University. The Tibet and Xinjiang related issues concern China's sovereignty, territorial integrity and China's core interests. The Chinese government protects the freedom of religious belief and all related rights of people of all ethnic groups in Tibet and Xinjiang in accordance with the law. In recent years, the achievements of Tibet and Xinjiang in economic and social development are obvious to all. In order to combat the "three evil forces" (terrorism, extremism and separatism) in China and abroad, the Chinese government has taken necessary measures to counter terrorism and extremism in Xinjiang and made remarkable achievements. We resolutely oppose any country or anyone provide support and convenience of any kind to the Xinjiang separatists forces and ''Tibet-independence'' activities.

What happened recently at the University of Toronto and McMaster University has nothing to do with the Chinese Embassy and Chinese Consulate General in Canada. We strongly support the just and patriotic actions of Chinese students. Safeguarding sovereignty and opposing separatism are the common position of the international community, and they are also the position that the Canadian government upholds.

Canada is a multicultural country advocating freedom of speech. Since the "Tibet-independence" and Xinjiang separatists forces are allowed to have freedom of speech, people who oppose them should also be entitled to enjoy freedom of speech. We resolutely oppose the use of these issues by some people to blame the Chinese government out of groundless accusations and stir up anti-China sentiment. We hope that the Canadian people could correctly view the relevant issues and will not be misled by the wrong information.

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