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Remarks of the Spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in Canada on the Canadian Side's Erroneous Comments related to China

On October 13th, some Canadian leader and senior official made erroneous remarks and unwarranted accusations on China. The Chinese side expresses strong dissatisfaction and firm opposition.

The Canadian side attempted to confound right and wrong. It is totally futile. The Canadian side must face up to the facts and questions: First, why hasn't it been able to acknowledge that the difficulties in China-Canada relations in recent two years are caused by Canada's arbitrary detention of Meng Wanzhou, an innocent Chinese citizen who hasn't breached any Canadian law? Second, of all the US allies, why was Canada the only one that agreed to cooperate with the US on detaining Meng Wanzhou? Third, why has Canada been secretive about the information disclosure of the Meng Wanzhou case and doing all they can to prevent more related documents from being made public?

The Meng Wanzhou incident is a grave political incident concocted by the US to suppress Chinese high-tech enterprises and Huawei, and Canada has played the role of its accomplice. The US and Canada abused their bilateral extradition treaty and arbitrarily took compulsory measures against an innocent Chinese citizen, which grossly violates the legitimate rights and interests of the Chinese citizen. What the Canadian side has done is arbitrary detention in every sense of the term "coerced diplomacy". All 1.4 billion Chinese people, the larger international community and many insightful people in the US and Canada see that very clearly.

I would like to stress again, it is China's consistent and clear position to attach importance to China-Canada relations. However, only through mutual respect and equal treatment can such bilateral relations achieve steady and stable growth. We once again strongly urge Canada to correct mistakes, immediately release Ms. Meng and ensure her safe return to China, remove this barrier in China-Canada ties, so as to create conditions for bilateral relationship going back to the right track.

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