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Zhejiang Youth Symphony Orchestra visits Canadian cities
 In 2017, Canada is celebrating its 150th anniversary, and 150th anniversary of Ottawa city as well. In the meantime 2018 will be the Sino-Canadian tourism year, which was signed and announced by the prime ministers of Canada and China.

Under the auspice of these exciting events, it is with great pleasure that the CCCDA presents the Zhejiang Youth symphony Orchestra (ZYSO) to the Canadian audience.

Sino-Canada Youth Concert in Toronto
On July 28, in collaboration with the Canadian Sinfonietta Youth Orchestra, the ZYSO will present their first concert at the Toronto P.C. Ho Theatre. Over sixty young musicians from two countries will jointly deliver interpretations of the Yao Dance, Overture de Carmen, Frühlingsstimmen Walzer,op.410, Jasmin and many other different styles of international music pieces. The audience will have a wonderful evening with enjoyable experience on a wide range of musical performances. 

Performance at the Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Outdoor symphony concert by Zhejiang Youth Symphony Orchestra will be presented on the evening of August 2 at the landmark of Canada-Parliament Hill, just before the light show which has more than 30 years history. As an event of Canada150 and Ottawa150, specially invited VIP guests, including Chinese Ambassador of Canada, MPs, MPPs and City councilors, representatives from the city and partner institutes will attend the concert. The concert is open to public.

Masters' Workshop in Ottawa
Professors from the University of Ottawa, the Department of Music, will provide lessons to young musicians.

Performance Programme 音乐会曲目
Canada and China Anthems

1,卡门序曲 乔治· 比才
Overture de Carmen. Georges Bizet
2,茉莉花 中国民歌
Jasmin Chinese Folk Song
3,闲聊波尔卡 小约翰·施特劳斯
Tritsch-Tratsch, Polka schnell, op.214 Johann Strauss
4,春之声圆舞曲 小约翰·施特劳斯
Frühlingsstimmen Walzer,op.410 Johann Strauss
5,观光列车波尔卡 约翰·施特劳斯
Vergnügungstug Polka Schnell,op.281Johann Strauss
6,泰坦尼克主题曲 詹姆斯·霍纳
Music from the film Titanic James Roy Horner
7,良宵 刘天华
The Wonderful Night Tianhua Liu
8,中国民歌联奏 改编:郭思达
Chinese Folk Songs Arr. Sida Guo

~Intermission 休息~

9,新春乐 茅沅
Happiness of the Chinese New Year Yuan Mao
10,拔根芦柴花 配器:陈国华
Pulling a reed Catkin Arr. Guohua Chen

11,加勒比海盗主题曲 克劳斯·巴德尔特
Music from the "Pirates of the Caribbean"
Klaus Badelt
12,瑶族舞曲 茅沅
Dance Music of the "YAO" people Yuan Mao
13,第三交响曲第一乐章 路德维希·凡·贝多芬
Symphony No.3 "Eroica", 1st Movement Lugwig van Beethoven

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