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"Prairie Connections", Paintings of Yu Liang Exhibited in Winnipeg

With support from the local Canadian artist, Ms. Karen Cornelius, a few dozens of Yu Liang’s classic oil-paintings and prints are exhibited in Winnipeg and the opening ceremony of the exhibition, entitled as ‘Prairie Connections’, was held on August 16th in the Mennonite Heritage Centre Gallery.

Yu Liang introduced at the opening ceremony that he was born in Heilongjiang, the Northeast of China, where the scenery and weather are quite similar to Winnipeg. More importantly, because Winnipeg is also a major Canadian railway transportation hub, he can find identical views here of signal lights, trains and railways to the theme of his paintings derived from his profound memory of his home town surrounded by railways and trains. Therefore, he is very happy to introduce his paintings to the audience of Winnipeg and that’s the reason for the titles of this exhibition.

Representative of the Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China to Canada was presented at the opening ceremony and said there are indeed quite a lot of similarities between China and Canada, no matter on the natural sceneries or in the variety cultures. They can all produce resonance between each other. We wish the audience can appreciate the Chinese spirits of the times through Yu Liang’s paintings and there will be more Canadian friends visiting China, so that they can actually feel and experience these spirits.

Yu Liang is a famous Chinese oil-painting artist and print-maker in the current time. He is also the Vice-Chairman of the Guangdong Artists Association and the Vice-Chairman of the Shenzhen Federation of Literary and Art Circles. With bright colours and prominent theme, his paintings vividly depict the social connotations of the era in China. It is for the first time a current Chinese artist of this high level exhibits in the central part of Canada and the exhibition has been warmly welcomed by the local. The Lieutenant Governor of Manitoba, Philip Lee, has cordially received Yu Liang before the opening ceremony and gave a very high evaluation towards his paintings. And Jon Gerard, the Manitoba parliament member and leader of the Manitoba Liberty Party attended the opening ceremony and delivered a speech.

It is said the exhibition will be held till October 6th, but quite a number of paintings has been ordered by the local audience right after the opening ceremony.

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