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The Chinese Minister Counsellor of Culture Visited Canadian Aboriginal Artists

August 28, Mr. Lin Difu, the Minister Counsellor of Culture in the Embassy of the People's Republic of China paid a visit to the Aboriginal Experiences situated on Victoria Island of Ottawa, where he had the meeting with Canadian aboriginal artists, who are heading towards Beijing and Nanning to perform in the 14th Beijing International Travel Festival and the 14th Nanning International Folksong Festival soon in September.


Mr. Lin Difu had a nice talk during the meeting with the aboriginal artist, Ms. Rhonda Doxtator, and asked about the history and development of the Canadian aboriginal art. He also said, both Chinese and Canadian cultures are formed with multi-nationalities' characters and the minority people in two countries have both made great contribution to the development of the culture. In terms of art itself, the Canadian aboriginal culture has quite a number of similarities with the Chinese minority people's culture, which proves that art has no boundary or limitation between countries and peoples. It is wished that artists of both countries in the minority groups could further the communication and cooperation with each other and make greater contributions to the friendship between China and Canada.

Rhonda expressed her appreciation to the Minister Counsellor and said she had visited Beijing, Xian and Chengdu in China with the Canadian aboriginal artists troupe. She is very interested on the traditional culture of China and expecting the visit to China again in September, during which she can deliver her performance to the Chinese audiences again.

Before the end of the meeting, Mr. Lin Difu and the accompanying officials from the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy also enjoyed the traditional Canadian aboriginal song and dance performances together with other Canadian audiences.

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