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Press Conference for Disabled Chinese' Troupe and Its My Dream Held in Ottawa

The China Disabled People’s Performing Arts Troupe—which has been named as UNESCO Artist for Peace—is about to stage its masterpiece My Dream, a large-scale variety show, in Canada’s National Arts Center on October 14, 2012. This news was released at the press conference for My Dream held September 4 in the City Hall of Ottawa.

The Chinese troupe will tour in three cities of Canada, Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. However, long before its debut in Canada, the troupe has always been internationally famous, which has performed in some 50 countries and which thus left its footprint in all the five continents. The performances have always received thundering applause such as in the National Performing Arts Center in Beijing, China, the Kennedy Performing Arts Center in Washington, USA and the Carnage Music Hall in New York, the Opera House in Sydney, Australia and the Opera House in Rome, Italy. The troupe, too, performed only on their own for the closing ceremony of 2004 Athens Paralympics.

Not only were the spectacular performances left in the audience’s mind, but the troupe also left its love and virtue in where it played. It did so by donating to the local people with disabilities a part of box office with which to support those who—just like the troupe members themselves—suffer but never yield to the fate. This is the major reason why the troupe is honored by the United Nations. And the tradition sure continues in Canada when part of the revenue will be donated to a Canadian charity Easter Seal. The donation will be exploited to support some Canadian children with disabilities to pursue their dreams of arts. On behalf of those who will receive the benefit, the representative of Easter Seal in Ottawa came to the press conference and expressed gratitude.

City Councilor Allan Hubley warmly welcomed the troupe on behalf of Ottawa city.

“The performance by the troupe would sure offer Ottawa—where the Chinese community is growing fast—an excellent opportunity to know about Chinese arts and people.” said he.

Renowned dance critic Michael Crabb arrived at the press conference from Toronto, telling many touching moments of his visit to the troupe’s base in China.

“Human tendency is to give sympathy whenever the topic about disability is talked about. But the Chinese artists with disabilities never show this side. They won reputation not by showing their mishaps but by demonstrating their achievement in arts. They always pour all their love and passion into training and performing. ” said he.

The Chinese Embassy in Canada attaches its importance to the troupe. The Embassy’s minister counselor Lin Difu, who takes charge of cultural affairs, attended and addressed at the press conference. He pointed out that, while the physically challenged athletes are right now showing the disabled people’s achievements in sports on London Paralympics, the upcoming My Dream would showcase the disabled Chinese’ pursuit to and achievement in arts. They overcame unimaginable difficulties to make the show not only very visually satisfactory but so highly artistic.

“The entire show will not only appeal to eyes and ears, but touch the bottom of the audience’s heart.” said he.

He also believes that the show will contribute to the cultural exchange between China and Canada, specifically the heart-to-heart exchange between the two peoples.

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