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Minister Counselor Lin Difu Attends Closing Performance by Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe

Chinese Minister Counselor Lin Difu for cultural affairs attended on October 10 the Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe’s closing performance in Vancouver. He greeted the cast and crew of the show and extended his congratulations on the success. Chinese Consul-general Liu Fei in Vancouver delivered her congratulatory letter to the show while Vice Consul-general Mao Runlong and Consul Han Ning for cultural affairs attended the show.

The Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe’s visit to and performance in Vancouver and Edmonton celebrates the 27th anniversary of the establishment of sister-city relationship between Guangzhou and Vancouver. Cantonese Opera is the representative form of operas in Canton, China and has long won popularity with the natives in Canton, Hong Kong and Macau. Because these areas are basically where Chinese immigrants come from, Cantonese Opera also prevails in overseas Chinese communities and is thus acknowledged by them as No. 1 Opera. The Guangzhou Cantonese Opera Troupe is a major institution in China performing Cantonese Opera and its cast very talented in and masterful of performing skills. The leading actress Ni Huiying is very renowned in China and her sweet voice and beautiful makeup attracts hundreds of thousands of fans from both China and the rest of the world.

The Troupe presented on this tour a classic repertoire of plays like Arousing Dreams in the Palace, Wedding of a Dragon Girl, etc, where the traditional features of Cantonese Opera like twisted and prolonged singing and exquisite stage setting are fully showcased. Thus all the shows were sold out and the closing performance explodes at the box office. A whole lot of spectators return to the theater only to yearn for more fun.

The troupe is also warmly welcomed in the Canadian society. The Honorable Alice Wong, Minister of State (Senior) attended the closing performance. The Honorable Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism, Premier of British Columbia Christy Clark, Mayor of Vancouver Gregor Robertson, the Honorable Wai Young, MP and the Honorable Don Davies, MP all delivered their warmest words to the troupe and its shows. Mayor Gregor also hosted a reception only to welcome the troupe.

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