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Notice of Ambassador's Cup Ping-pong Competition

In order to promote the development of Table Tennis in Canada and to draw more attention to it, the Embassy of the People's Republic of China and Table Tennis Canada jointly initiate the Ambassador's Cup Ping-Pong Competition.

The Competition will be organized jointly by the Ottawa Association of Chinese Canadian Alumni and THE GENG TABLE TENNIS ACADEMY. The competition is scheduled on Saturday, December 15, 2012 at the National Table Tennis Training Center (18 Louisa Street, K1R 6Y6).

Chinese ambassador Zhang Junsai and Table Tennis Canada Director General Tony Kiesenhofer will present the awards. Former Chinese World Champion Geng Lijuan will participate in an exciting demo match. We hope that ITTF president Adham Sharara, too, will be present at the competition.

Pertinent Information:

I Qualification and Schedule

The participants are classified into two groups as Pool A and Pool B. Pool A is established for those whose skills and experiences are equivalent to those who have a 1000 rating or above in the Table Tennis Canada system; Pool B the rest of participants. The competition registration fee is 10 dollars and the payment must be made at the venue on the day and prior to the start of the competition.

The competition is scheduled into two rounds. The first round is a round robin tournament of which the best advance to the second round, which is a single-elimination tournament where the champion and runner-up are determined. Each match is played to the best of five games of 11 points.

II Awards

The top four of both pools are awarded. The champion of Pool A wins a trophy, 300 dollars and a certificate; the runner-up 200 dollars and a certificate and two third place finishers 100 dollars and a certificate. The top four of Pool B respectively win a certificate and a souvenir. All participants will receive a small souvenir.

III Application

Those who now want to play must apply by December 8 in such a manner as described below:

Information required:

Name (and if applicable, in Chinese)


Telephone Number:

Email Address:

Preference of Pool A or Pool B:

1, For those who want to register via telephone:

LI Shiyou, 613-247-1095

WANG Yongzhi, 613-440-0618

GENG Lijuan, 613-282-7918

ZHANG Qinghua, 613-789-3588

2, For those who want to register via Email:




Cordially invited are those who love playing Ping-pong. More than welcome are those who enjoy watching exciting Ping-pong games.

Organizing Committee of the Ambassador's

Cup Ping-pong Competition

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