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Ambassador and Mrs. Zhang Junsai Host Reception for Assumption of Office

Ambassador Zhang introducing his wife Mme Yin Guomei

On the evening of December 8, 2010, His Excellency Zhang Junsai, Ambassador of the People's Republic of China to Canada and Mme Yin Guomei hosted a reception for assumption of office. Present were Hon. Peter Kent, Minister of State of Foreign Affairs (Americas), Hon. Rob Merrifield, Minister of State (Transport), Mr. Morris Rosenberg, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Alan Kessel, Associate Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, His Worship Jim Watson, Mayor of Ottawa, His Worship Frank Kinsella, Mayor of Leeds and the Thousand Islands, and around 30 representatives from the House of Commons and the Senate of Canada. Also present were around 600 representatives from diplomatic missions in Ottawa, Canada's various social sectors and overseas Chinese communities coming from Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver, Edmonton, Winnipeg.

Ambassador Zhang noted in his speech that Canada is a country of stunning natural beauty and rich resources. Canadians are known around the world for their wisdom and friendliness. Canada won global spotlight by successfully hosting the G8 and G-20 Leaders’ Summits in June and “owned the podium” with fantastic performances from men and women’s hockey teams in the intense competitions for gold at the Vancouver Winter Olympics.

Ambassador Zhang delivering a speech

Ambassador Zhang positively commented the growing exchanges and enormous achievement in the practical cooperation in various fields between the two countries since 40 years ago, and stressed that Canada is one of the earliest countries that established diplomatic relations with China. There have been dynamic exchanges between the two countries at top and other level. President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Stephen Harper successfully exchanged visits, two-way trade has been growing rapidly, cooperation in tourism has expanded, and educational partnership has borne rich fruits. China and Canada have strong economic complements in the, the bilateral cooperation in energy and resources boasts huge potential. China has all along valued its relationship with Canada and is ready to work with Canada to push forward our strategic partnership. As the newly designated Ambassador to Canada, he would work on this purpose with might and main. The Chinese Embassy in Canada and he himself would be happy to open windows for Canadians into China’s past, present and future, and to introduce Canada’s multiculturalism and prosperity to more Chinese

Ambassador Zhang talking with Mr.Morris Rosenberg

Mr. Morris Rosenberg cordially congratulated Ambassador Zhang on his assumption of office, saying that Ambassador Zhang was an experienced and skilled diplomat with a strong background in Canada-China relations. Canadian side felt fortunate to have Ambassador Zhang here especially on the moment of prosperous development of Canada-China relations. President Hu Jintao and Prime Minister Stephen Harper successfully exchanged visits in one year. This year marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between the two countries, allowing Canada and China to reflect not only upon the long road that both sides have traveled together, but also the promise of future collaboration. As Prime Minister Harper recently stated, it is clearer than ever that the strategic partnership between Canada and China has never been more promising. The Canadian side is looking forward to working with Chinese side to push forward and deepen Canada-China relations.

The reception was going under a warm and friendly atmosphere with congratulations from the coming guests to the assumption of office for the ambassador Zhang in Canada. Gracious wishes were also delivered to the Ambassador and his wife for having a fruitful career and a happy life in Canada. The guests highly praised the great achievements of China on economical and social progress and raved about the fruitful results of the friendly Sino-Canada cooperation.

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