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Wang Yi: Two Highlights Can Be Expected in G20 Hangzhou Summit

On May 26, 2016, at the G20 Hangzhou Summit briefing for Chinese and foreign journalists held by the Foreign Ministry, Foreign Minister Wang Yi stated that two highlights can be expected in Hangzhou Summit.

The first highlight is the diverse and colorful special activities. The G20 Summit is an emerging mechanism, while China is a country with an ancient civilization. The converging and blending of the two will foster strong harmony in the course of human being's progress and development and compose a splendid chapter in the history of the G20. We have arranged the largest ever business summit to be simultaneously held with the leaders' summit, so as to draw the roadmap together for global economic growth. By that time President Xi Jinping will attend the summit and deliver a keynote speech. Before the summit, an informal meeting of BRICS leaders will be held. The summit will kick off on the afternoon of September 4, and end on the afternoon of September 5, and it will be chaired by President Xi Jinping. After the summit, President Xi Jinping will hold a press conference for Chinese and foreign journalists to introduce the results of the summit. Besides, we have also prepared cultural activities imbued with Chinese characteristics for leaders of all countries and representatives present at the summit. I believe that the guests from the world will fully experience the extensive and profound Chinese civilization, feel the vitality of reform and opening-up, immerse in the unique charm of culture in southern China, and enjoy the hospitality of Hangzhou people.

The second highlight is the open and inclusive style of the meeting. To successfully hold a summit, the organizer needs to pool the wisdom. China always values opinions from all parties and respects different voices. China keeps close contact and interaction with the G20 members, guest countries, and international organizations, so mutual understanding keeps deepening and cooperative consensus keeps rising. China will also widely listen to voices from all walks of life and forge the broadest consensus by hosting the six large-scale side events, namely the Business Summit, the Women Summit, the Labor Summit, the Civil Society Summit, the Youth Summit and the Think-tank Summit.

China actively goes global and carries out comprehensive and multi-layered dialogues outside the G20 circle. We have walked into the General Assembly of the United Nations (UN), the headquarters of the African Union (AU), the Group of 77, the least developed countries, landlocked countries and small islands countries to introduce the preparation of the Hangzhou Summit to countries around the world and all the people who care about the G20 as well as listen to the interest appeals of all parties. Our dialogue activities have covered almost all UN member states, especially the 130-odd developing countries among them. In the next phase, we will continue to listen to opinions of all parties on the occasions like the Summer Davos Forum.


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