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Press Release 20140326

Monday, March 26, 2014

Main Results of the 8th National Forest Inventory of

the People's Republic of China

According to the latest results of the 8th National Forest Inventory, in China, the forest area is 208 million ha, and the coverage is 21.63%. The total stand stock volume is 16.433 billion m³, and the forest stock volume is 15.137 billion m³. The area of natural forest is 122 million ha, with the stock volume of 12.296 billion m³; while the area of plantation is 69 million ha, with the stock volume of 2.483 billion m³. The forest area and forest stock volume rank the 5th and the 6th in the world respectively and the area of plantation remains the 1st.

Results of the Inventory show that during the past 10 years, changes of forest resources are as follows: firstly, the total volume of forest resources maintains sustained growth. Forest area sees a net increase of 12.23 million ha. The forest stock volume witnesses a net increase of 1.416 billion m³. Secondly, forest quality improves continuously. The per hectare stock volume of forests increases by 3.91 m³, reaching 89.79 m³; and the annual per hectare volume growth increases by 0.28 m³, reaching 4.23 m³. The proportion of mixed forests grows by 2 percentage points. Thirdly, the volume of natural forests increases steadily. The area of natural forests increases by 2.15 million ha, and the stock volume 894 million m³. Fourthly, plantations grow rapidly. The area of plantations increases by 7.64 million ha, and the stock volume 522 million m³.

With the improvement of volume, quality and structure of forests, the biological diversity is protected effectively, and the ecological function of forests is enhanced further. The total biomass of forest vegetation in China is 17.002 billion tons, and the carbon stock reaches 8.427 billion tons; the annual water conservation volume is 580.7 billion m³, the annual soil fixation volume 8.191 billion tons, the annual fertilizer conservation volume 430 million tons, the annual pollutants absorbed volume 38 million tons, and the annual dust deposition volume 5.845 billion tons. This means that forests not only provide abundant forest products to socioeconomic development through the sustained increase of forest quality, but also play a key role in maintaining ecological security, creating a favorable environment and fighting climate change.

The results of the Inventory reflect that China has made sound progress in achieving the goal of “double increase” in forestry, which is “increasing the forest area by 40 million ha and the forest stock volume 1.3 billion m³ from those in 2005 by 2020”, committed by the Chinese government in the United Nations Climate Change Summit in September 2009. The goal of forest stock volume is achieved, while that of forest area increase completed 60%.

From now on, in order to achieve the goal of “double increase” in forestry by 2020, to ensure the forest coverage of over 23%, and to maintain the territorial ecological security, with conservation culture and building a beautiful China at core, the Chinese Government will deepen various reforms in forestry in a comprehensive manner, further advance afforestation and greening, implement the measures of forest resources protection and management in a more strict way, push forward the scientific forest management, develop ecological forestry and forestry for livelihood, try its best to improve the volume, quality and functions of forests and the ability to fight climate change, and lead China’s forestry onto a path of sustainable development.

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