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Chinese president urges joint efforts among G20 members to sustain "hard-won" global economic recovery

LOS CABOS, Mexico, June 17 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao has urged joint efforts among Group of Twenty (G20) members to sustain the "hard-won" momentum of global economic recovery.

Hu made the call in a written interview with Reforma, a major Mexican newspaper, prior to a major G20 summit to be held here on Monday and Tuesday, which will focus on global growth and stability as the fragile world economic recovery is being threatened by the eurozone crisis and other problems.

"The world economy is now on the path of recovery and the prospect of economic growth is improving to some extent," Hu said, adding such recovery is still not firm, and faces acute unpredictability.

Hu said to sustain and strengthen the momentum of economic recovery, "we need to enhance macro-economic policy coordination, and all countries should pursue win-win cooperation through concerted efforts."

He also urged all the G20 members to continue to advance the reform of the international financial system, speedily meet the target of International Monetary Fund (IMF) quota and governance reform, improve the international monetary system and financial regulation.

Hu said that G20, consisting of both major developed countries and emerging market economies, has a balanced composition and is representative of the global economy.

The Chinese leader said the rapid growth of developing countries has accelerated the process of reforming the international system.

Facing new international developments, developing countries need to strengthen coordination to ensure space for their development and their right to development, he said.

China's GDP grew by 8.1 percent in the first quarter this year, and the share of its current account surplus in GDP fell to 1.4 percent, Hu noted.

Hu expressed confidence that China, as an integral part of the global economy, will maintain steady and robust growth to contribute to global economic growth.

Hu said he looks sforward to exploring with leaders of other G20 members ways at the summit to promote world economic stability, recovery.

On Sunday, Hu met with his Mexican counterpart Felipe Calderon on bilateral relations and expressed China's readiness to work with the Mexican side to push for positive results of the summit.

The Chinese president pointed out that deepening strategic cooperation between China and Mexico is of great significance under the current international situation of complex changes.

As this year marks the 40th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Mexico, bilateral ties have entered a new stage of mature, steady and extensive growth, Hu said.

The two countries established a strategic partnership in 2003. During Calderon's visit to China in 2008, the two countries reached a series of consensus and decided to set up a strategic dialogue mechanism, Hu said.

China has become Mexico's second largest trading partner, and Mexico is China's second largest trading partner in Latin America, Hu noted.

Under the current international situation of complex changes, deepening strategic cooperation between China and Mexico is of great significance, Hu said.

China is ready to work with Mexico to advance bilateral cooperation in a long-term, healthy and stable way, he said.

"We should tap into the potentials for our cooperation in business, science, technology, culture and other areas, to enrich China-Mexico strategic partnership and promote sound and steady long-term growth of the mutually beneficial cooperation between our two countries," he added.

Calderon, for his part, said Hu's attendance at the G20 summit is very significant because China has an increasingly important status on the global stage, adding that Hu's visit will contribute greatly to boosting and deepening Mexico-China relations.

Calderon expressed wishes to cooperate with China to ensure that the G20 summit will make progress on promoting strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth and advancing reform of the international financial system.

Hu also met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi on Sunday to discuss the expansion of all-round bilateral cooperation.

Ethiopia and some other non-G20 members have been invited by host Mexico to attend the summit.

At the meeting, Hu urged leaders of the G20 members to give developing nations a bigger say in global economic governance.

China hopes the summit could discuss the development gap between the North and the South, regard the developing nations' contribution to the world economy and their legitimate demands in an objective perspective, and take measures to ensure the development space for the developing world, Hu noted.

On the Sino-Ethiopian ties, Hu said China is willing to maintain high-level contact with Ethiopia, strengthen communication on major international issues and boost cooperation in trade, investment and infrastructure.

He also called for closer coordination between the two nations within multilateral forums so as to safeguard the legitimate rights of developing countries and help shape a more just and rational international political and economic order.

For his part, Meles said Ethiopia and other African countries are ready to strengthen coordination and cooperation with China on issues concerning global economic growth, governance and climate change to safeguard the common interests of developing countries and promote common development across the world, he said.

African countries welcome China to expand investment to help promote manufacturing and infrastructure in Africa, Meles said, adding that he believed that China will play an even greater role in promoting peace, stability and development in Africa.

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