Truth about the Death of Liu Chengjun

In September 2002, having been convicted of undermining Chinese law enforcement and damaging radio and television broadcasting facilities by making use of the evil cult, Liu Chengjun was sentenced by the Intermediate People's Court of Changchun Municipality to 19 years in prison with political rights deprived for 5 years.


As Liu was in poor health, the prison arranged him to be examined by doctors on several occasions.  However, being overly infatuated with the Falun Gong cult, Liu refused to receive medical treatment or take in any food, which only made his conditions go from bad to worse.  Liu was successively treated in the Center Hospital of Jilin City, the Center Hospital under Prison Administration Bureau of Jilin Province and China-Japan Friendship Hospital of the Jilin University, and eventually died in hospital of prostration of breathing, hypoglycemia shock and acute kidney exhaustion on December 26. 


When Liu was in critical conditions, his parents went to see him in hospital and they agreed to the cause of his death without demur.  The so-called Chinese Government's persecuting Liu to death is sheer instigation and fabrication played up by Falun Gong practioners.