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Chinese, Russian presidents meet on advancing strategic partnership

Chinese PresidentHu Jintao(L) meets with hisRussian counterpart VladimirPutinin Vladivostok, Russia, Sept. 7, 2012. (Xinhua/Rao Aimin)

VLADIVOSTOK, Russia, Sept. 7 (Xinhua) -- Chinese President Hu Jintao and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, at a meeting held here on Friday, reached broad consensus on major issues of common concern and on deepening the comprehensive China-Russia strategic cooperative partnership.

The two presidents met on the sidelines of the 20th informal economic leaders' meeting of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) forum, their third meeting since Putin assumed office in May.

Hu said that during the Beijing Summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in June, he and Putin held talks in a sincere, extensive and pragmatic way and jointly set the principles, direction and key cooperative areas of the development of China-Russia relations for the coming years.

The talks had injected fresh impetus to the growth of bilateral relations, Hu said, expressing hope that the two countries would earnestly implement the cooperative agreements and consensus already reached.

Hu put forward a seven-point proposal on further advancing bilateral links. Firstly, he said the two countries should deepen strategic mutual trust and strengthen mutual support to ensure continuous growth of political relations on high levels.

Secondly, Hu said, the two sides should strengthen cooperation in key areas of investment, high technology and innovation. They also should push forward cooperation on major projects of strategic significance, he said, and improve both the size and quality of trade and economic cooperation.

Thirdly, Hu said that the two countries need to actively negotiate on the guidelines of implementing the China-Russia Treaty of Good Neighborliness, Friendship and Cooperation for the period of 2013-2016. The two countries, he said, should earnestly implement the main ideas, principles and spirit of the treaty.

Fourthly, Hu said the two countries should establish a cooperative mechanism on security and law enforcement, and reinforce and expand friendly and cooperative relations between the armed forces of the two countries.

Fifthly, the two countries should set up a mechanism of regular meetings between local government officials so as to promote local-level cooperation, he said.

Sixthly, China and Russia should consult and set the program of action for bilateral humanistic exchanges for the next 10 years, he said.

The Chinese president added that they should ensure the success of national tourism year activities in the other's country and advance contact and exchanges between young people.

Finally, he said that the two countries need to coordinate and cooperate closely on major regional and international issues, jointly safeguard the tenet and principles of the U.N. Charter and basic norms of international relations.

The two countries should join hands to maintain international impartiality and justice and promote regional and world peace, security and stability, he added.

Hu emphasized that energy cooperation is a priority direction of the pragmatic cooperation between China and Russia. He expressed hope that the countries should observe the principle of mutual benefits to achieve continuous progress in bilateral cooperation.

Putin said the Russia-China relations have been progressing on a very high level and have yielded rich fruits thanks to the personal contributions of both leaders.

The two countries have further boosted their political mutual trust and kept close communication and coordination in all spheres, he added.

In 2011, two-way trade reached 83 billion U.S. dollars, Putin said, adding that the two countries are striving to boost bilateral trade to 100 billion dollars in 2015.

The Russian president said that both sides have made progress in cooperation in the fields of aviation, space, natural gas, oil, nuclear energy, etc. Meanwhile, the two nations continuously expand their humanistic cooperation, said Putin, citing successful activities within the framework of the reciprocal Year of Tourism as an example.

Putin said that Russia is willing to work with China to comprehensively implement the consensus reached by the leaders of the two nations and escalate the China-Russia comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership to a new height.

Hu, meanwhile, pointed out that both China and Russia are major powers in the Asia-Pacific region and important members and active forces in advancing regional cooperation.

He said the two nations closely cooperate and jointly advocate mutual trust, mutual benefits, equality, cooperation and inseparable new security concept.

The two countries, he said, also have joined hands to advance the agenda of regional cooperation and development. China and Russia, Hu said, also have made important contributions to maintaining regional peace and stability and promoting regional development and prosperity.

Noting that the world economy now faces increasing factors of instability and uncertainty in comparison with the generally stable situation in the Asia-Pacific, Hu said the economic development and the leading role of the region has drawn great attention from various parties.

Under these circumstances, Russia's hosting of the 20th APEC economic leaders' meeting was of great significance to the growth of regional and global economy, Hu said, extending China's support to Russia in securing the success of the meeting.

China is ready to work with Russia to push all related parties to strengthen solidarity, deepen cooperation and seek peace, security and development through cooperation so as to develop an equal, open and harmonious framework of security and cooperation in the Asia-Pacific region.

For his part, Putin said he appreciates China for its support to Russia in hosting the APEC forum.

Russia attaches great importance to China's significant role in Asia-Pacific affairs and is ready to improve bilateral coordination and cooperation and jointly promote peace, stability and development in the region, Putin said.

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