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CPC allocates Party funds to quake zone

BEIJING - The Organization Department of the Communist Party of China (CPC) Central Committee has earmarked 3million yuan ($480,800) to the quake-stricken area.

The money will be used for rescue work in the quake zone and relief for CPC membersaffected by the quake, the department said in a statement on Sunday.

The department also called on all CPC Party organizations and members in the quake zoneto take a lead in the rescue work.

"Party members should be in places with the most grave situations," the statement said.

The statement also stressed that saving lives should be the utmost priority and everypossible effort should be made to minimize the number of casualties.

Moreover, it called on Party members to make all-out efforts in rescuing survivors andtreating the injured as well as carefully handling resident relocations.

The CPC has more than 82 million members.

So far, a total of 186 people have been confirmed dead in the 7.0-magnitude earthquake that hit southwest China'sSichuan province on Saturday.

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