Statement of the Spokesman of the Embassy of the People’s Republic of China

(May 27, 2003)

On May 27, the House of Commons of Canada adopted a so-called motion on supporting the admission of Taiwan as an Observer to the World Health Organization. Such an act has seriously violated China?s sovereignty and constituted gross interference in China?s internal affairs. Hereby, the Chinese Embassy expresses its strong opposition to it.

The WHO is a specialized agency of the United Nations, which requires sovereign statehood to become a member. There is no legal ground for Taiwan to join the WHO. However, this situation has in no way prohibited the Taiwan authorities from enjoying open and free access to health information.

As a matter of fact, the Central Government of China cares deeply about the safety and health of the people on Taiwan and has been working actively to promote exchanges and cooperation in the health area across the Taiwan Straits. Since the SARS struck Taiwan, the Chinese Central Government has taken a series of measures helping people in Taiwan to combat the SARS epidemic. The Central Government has agreed to the WHO sending its experts to Taiwan for SARS related study and investigation. And it welcomes Taiwan medical experts to attend the international conference on SARS in June and other SARS-related technical meetings organized by the WHO.

It is clear to all who have no bias or prejudice that the reason behind Taiwan?s attempt to squeeze into the WHO is not the lack of access to health information, but rather its political purpose of creating ?two Chinas? or ?one China, one Taiwan?. The recent rejection,the seventh time in a row, by the WHA on the request by several countries of inviting Taiwan to attend the WHA as an observer has once again demonstrated that the political attempt of the Taiwan authorities runs counter to public opinion and is doomed to failure.

The question of Taiwan is an internal affair of China. No foreign country has the right to interfere. The Chinese Government resolutely opposes political activities by any person to split the motherland under the pretext of public health issues. We are confident that the just cause of the Chinese Government and people of safeguarding state sovereignty and territorial integrity will continue to enjoy understanding and support of countries and peoples in the world that uphold justice.